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I really enjoy your comics. Your art style looks like something right out of the actual "Sonic The Hedgehog" made by SEGA. The lighting...

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Spooky Gijinka meets TC ... and pranks follow
This is basically what happens when someone manages to bring out TC's prankster side, but honestly I'm not sure who is the worst influence here.

TC/Spector belong to me.

Spooky Gijinka belongs to KittyDragon619

Please DO NOT use any characters featured without permission from the creator/owner.
Genesis ref

Species: Cosmo-sapien

Home World: Classified

Powers: Omnipotent (But TC has limited practice with this form)

Fighting Style: In this form TC doesn’t joke around, and just powers through his opponent with; telekinesis, energy blasts, energy shields, teleportation, and cosmic energy manipulation.

Limits/Weaknesses: TC can only use this form once every three months for five minutes at a time because the shear power this form possesses is so great that it causes the universe to unravel if used for extended periods at a time. Due to the small time limit and the long cool down time TC has had very little practice with this form meaning he doesn’t have that great of control over all of its powers.

I own this character please don't use him or any of my other characters without asking first. Thank You.
Drill Bit ref

Species: Terra Shell

Home World: Terra Shard

Powers: Extremely durable, Drill Shell, Tunnelling, underwater breathing, air breathing, Temperature Immunity. 

Fighting Style: Drill-Bit fights by tunnelling around under the battle field, and creating sink holes or pit traps for his opponents to fall into. Drill-Bit will also use his spinning drill like shell to whip up a cloud of any loose material on the ground (i.e. sand, snow, ash, leafs, etc) to blind or surprise his opponent. Drill-Bit will also slash and pinch his opponents if he can’t tunnel.  

Limits/Weaknesses:  If Drill-Bit can’t use his tunnelling abilities then he is at a severe disadvantage in the fight. Due to the shape of his body he has a massive blind spot behind him, and he has short reach with his claws.

I own this character please don't use him or any of my other characters without asking first. Thank You.
Mythic Island Resort

This is the island that the Mythic Resort is located on for my group "Mythic Island Resort" 

Come check out the group here at mythic-island-resort.deviantar…

   1.     The Lobby/Hotel/Guest huts: The main building holds the Lobby on the first floor and is where people check into resort.  The Guest huts are a group of small cabins meant for guest to use if they don’t want to stay in the main building during their stay.

    2.     The City district: This is basically a fifty-story tall mall encased in a dome shaped building. Here resort members can enjoy visiting the many shops, food courts, theaters, and arcades we have to offer.

    3.     Crescent Bay: The Island’s bay got its name from its beach. The beach is in the shape of a crescent moon, and when the moon light shines on the silver sand the beach illuminates giving the bay a slight glow. 

    4.     The Kelp Forest: The Kelp Forest is one of many sites used for scuba diving.  

    5.     The Sanctuary: The Sanctuary is a large dome like building that contains animals from all over the multi-verse allowing people to view creatures they wouldn’t normally be able to find back home.

    6.     The Reef Forest: This large coral reef is another popular diving spot for the guests here at the resort.

    7.     The Drop: This is another diving spot, but this one is at the mouth of a “Blue Hole” which gives our divers a chance to explore underwater cave systems.

    8.     Mt. Blister: This is the long extinct volcano that helped form this very island. Even though it is extinct there are many hot springs to be found around it, as well as old lava tubes which can now be explored. Mt. Blister is also a great place for rock climbing.

    9.     The Moss Jungle: This massive jungle is very lovely making it good for hiking through. Don’t worry about any dangerous predators as this jungle doesn’t house any large predators or creatures that would pose a threat to the guests. Within the limits of this jungle grows a strange moss that covers the majority of the jungle floor.

    10.                        The Ancient Ruins: These ruins are extremely old and full of interesting maze like tunnels just under the surface. All the dangerous traps have been deactivated for the safety of explorers.  

    11.                        The Great Quarry: This strange area of the island is home to multiple mines and other dig sites. Strangely almost any type of mineral/metal/gemstone can be found in this place, and that they re-spawn after 24 hours.

    12.                        The Dunes: This site is just a space of water with a sandy bottom used for fishing, water sports and other activities that can’t be done on the other dive sites.      

Please do not use this piece of art without my permission as I do own it.



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I read all comments even if I don't reply. I appreciate people who are nice but I also appreciate people who give constructive criticism about my works.


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